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      Company profile

      China Xulong group headquarters is located in Cixi City of Zhejiang Province, was founded in 1993, its industries involved in manufacturing, energy, finance, food and other fields. Its has more than 20 controlled subsidiaries and associated companies around Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, the total assets of nearly 800 million dollars and designed industry and technical personnel more than 1000 staffs.

      Taishan lvsheng food co., ltd.(hereinafter "LSF") under the China Xulong Group, is  located in Taishan City, Guangdong province. Taishan City is the eel farming area and yield the highest county (city), the shortage of water resources, good soil resources, is the natural place to artificial cultured Japanese eel, eel yield in Taishan City accounted for about 60 percent of the nationwide total output, there are more than 60 eel farms in Taishan City, farming area reached 35 square kilometers become currently the nation's largest eel breeding base and roast eel exports of raw material supply base, provide sufficient quality of eel raw materials to our company. LSF created in March 2006, the registered capital of 2.6 million dollars, We have total 27000 square meter production area and 120 employees, is a professional engaged in high-grade aquatic products - eel production, processing and marketing enterprises.

      LSF introduced an annual output of 3500 tons of eel production flow line and a full set of processing equipment from Japan, and is equipped with a group engaged in years of eel production processing production and quality management personnel. Companies to adopt "company + base + standardization" mode of production management, established a raw materials sentinel breeding base, by trained quality supervisor of aquaculture production process, animal drugs materials, aquaculture environment for supervision and management, to ensure that the raw material's safe and secure, and in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system and HACCP system, using scientific management methods of frozen roastd eel production and processing management.

      LSF produces frozen roasted eel series products are sold to domestic as well as Japan, United States, European Union, Russia, Hong Kong and other developed countries and regions. The company has built a professional Testing Center of 200 square meter area, 8 professional inspectors, equipped with 4 sets of LC-MS-MS, GC-MS and a full set of equipment. Testing Center to carry out the current detection project 115, the basic coverage of Japan's positive list in 2009 examination program for eel, involving pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, antibiotics, dyes, hormones, heavy metals in 6 categories, in the internal management of the food safety testing ability and laboratory has reached the leading domestic level. Adhere to the operation principle of LSF adhere to the production and management to the quality as the center, the use of modern processing technology and scientific management methods, continuous improvement, to meet the needs of the market, for customers to provide satisfactory products and services, striving for world-class.

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